Sitting well is harder work than it looks.

It takes effort to maintain a balanced position and, if you cannot do that for yourself, then the chair has to do it for you.

Without proper support you may develop poor posture which can have negative physiological outcomes and can make activities of daily living more difficult. Trying to balance under the effects of Gravity is also tiring and can lead to fatigue.

Quick and easy adjustments

The Sencilla Chair can easily be adjusted – NO TOOLS REQUIRED - to provide the necessary Postural Support and Pressure Care to maximise comfort and relaxation.

Easily achieve the correct Seat depth, Seat width, Arm Rest height, Leg Rest height and Back Rest height without having to use tools to ensure the very best Posture, Pressure (Re-)Distribution and Comfort.

Acute Care/Rehabilitation

Offering easy adjustment or multi-person use - and having optimum Postural & Pressure (Re)-distribution benefits - the Sencilla Chair is ideal for Hospital Wards and Rehabilitation settings.

Domestic Setting

The Sencilla Chair has been designed to be aesthetically pleasing and fits in nicely within domestic environments.

Care Home Setting

Carer friendly, easy to use and keep clean. Quick and easy to reassign to a new resident.

A little more about the chair...

Available in three variants

FULL POWER (tilt, recline and leg elevation)

DUAL (tilt and leg elevation)


All three options offer the following features...

Tilt in Space

For Comfort and Pressure (Re)-distribution Tilt in Space allows an easy change of position without affecting the posture of the End User. The optimal tilt angle can reduce both peak and mean pressure by 40% compared to neutral sitting.

MaxRelax Backrest

Independently adjustable Our ‘MaxRelax’ back adjustment design makes it easier to move between reclined and upright positions, reducing shear forces and minimising gaps appearing between the seat and back. In manual chairs, all movements are gradual and gentle.


In-built adjustable back support for maintaining symmetrical alignment and to help with balance and stability.

Folding Arms

Great for a variety of Transfers

Getting in and out of some chairs can be a struggle. The Sencilla Chair’s quick release arms ensures good access to both fit and to check the positioning of slings before transfers.



Height adjustable

The ‘crumbed memory foam’ headrest can be moulded for comfort and for postural positioning.


Leg Rest & Footplate

Easily adjustable

Raise the legs for comfort or a stretch. An easy flip down footplate gives proper support to the User's feet and ankles whenever needed.




Quick and easy footplate adjustment

Safety and Peace of Mind

The Sencilla Chair is often provided by a Qualified Health Professional to a specific Prescription.

The Sencilla Chair has been designed with Carers and Parents in mind so it is easy to use. However, using the functions of the chair can affect the desired Postural and Pressure benefits

Anti-Tamper Functions

ALL Functions (Tilt in Space, Recline & Leg Rest elevation) can be locked off independently on the handset to prevent unwanted adjustments.

Lockable remote control for the powered Sencilla Chairs and an antitamper device for the tilt and recline levers for the manual chair.

Base Kit ‘BYO’ (Bring your own!):

If you already have a favourite make of cushion, we can provide a “nest” to locate it securely in your new Sencilla Chair. (Cushion size needs to be 440 wide x 380mm / 17 x 15”).

The Gel2 seat cushion

Comes with its integrating unsurpassed Pressure Management, Progressive Postural Control and Micro-climate Regulation. Our high performing - Temperature Sensitive Memory Foam - LOWZONE, comes as Standard in the Sencilla Chair.

Seat Options

Our parent company is a major supplier of static seating to the UK NHS wheelchair services; we are able to draw on years of design expertise and experience to provide a comprehensive choice of cushions and can rank them as our wheelchair service customers do.

Our high performing - Temperature Sensitive Memory Foam - LOWZONE, comes as Standard in the Sencilla Chair.

Lowzone Contour: as standard

Successfully used in ALL Symmetrikit chairs for over 25 years! Combined with the excellent Postural Support offered by the Sencilla Chair, pressure concerns should be no more.

Additional HIGH RISK Pressure Relieving Seat Cushion Options...

Airzone seat cushion

Delivering ‘next generation cushion technology’. An extremely light weight cushion with Optimum Pressure Distribution and Stability.


• BS 7176 2007 + A1 2001 - Specification For Resistance To Ignition Of Upholstered Furniture Non-Domestic

• BS EN 1728 2012 - Furniture. Seating. Test Methods For The Determination Of Strength And Durability

Options available


  • Power variants: Full power/Dual power/Manual
  • Seat cushions: Standard/AIRZONE/GEL2/Base kit
  • Fabric: Cuero - the modern alternative to Vinyl, soft, vapour permeable waterproof PU. Flexible and Breathable but Tough, Cuero is very easy to keep clean
  • Infection Control - available in Blue/Blue or Black/Grey
  • Crumbed memory foam Headrest
  • Individual Anti-tamper devices for manual
    (tilt & recline) controls


Backrest height -

Seat Depth range -

Seat Width range -

Knee To Footplate Height -

Arm Height range -

Tilt in Space Range -

Backrest Recline Angle Range -

Legrest Angle Range -

Footplate Angle Range -

Maximum User Weight -



Fabric: Cuero

Soft, vapour permeable waterproof PU



Std (690mm) Tall (840mm)

(380 - 525mm)

(455 - 535mm)

(370 - 500mm)

(195 - 240mm)

0º to -20º

0º to -20º

-20º to +45º



Folding Arms