The Dynamic Walker -
18 months old to Adult

3 clicks and you are in!

The Meywalk4 mimics natural gait and with its ”3 clicks and you’re in” easy transfer system, ensuring you get more time walking.

Quick and Easy

  •  Dynamic Pelvic Support: Allows for natural hip rotation and 360˚ controlled steering
  •  Sprung Loaded ‘Springy’ Frame: Mimics natural gait
  •  Easy Transfers: 3 Clicks and you’re away
  •  Multi-Purpose: Use it facing Backwards ”Disco Position” for Close Quarter Therapy and Activity
  •  Tilt In Space: Posterior or Anterior Pelvic support
  •  Tool Free Adjustment: No more allen keys or spanners!

Meywalk 4 can be used ‘reversed’ for close-up work


Use at School, at Home, Indoors or Outdoors.



Adult Ideal in the Community, Acute settings, Residential/Care Homes for Falls Prevention, Single Handed Care, Stroke Rehab or Supporting Independence.

So easy to use, they get used more often

The right match

An extended range of accessories are available for Meywalk®4 ensuring the walker will match the specific needs of the user:


• Trunk pad

• Hip pads with trunk pad

• Leg divider

• Leg guides

• Anti-tip support



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