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Meywalk & Miniwalk

Buddy Roamer


Moving & Handling




THE MEYWALK 2000 - Junior, Medium & Large



So easy to use, they get used more often

Getting in and out? Three clicks and you are away!
Even the largest model will fit through a standard door
so you can get out and about.

Sprung frame mimics the biomechanical movement of your pelvis and helps you to get going in comfort; the Meywalk’s tendency to keep you ‘centered’ promotes an easier more natural walk, with no ‘lurching’ from side to side.

 Thoracic ring and saddle combination provide first rate fall prevention, meaning that carers do not need to be on their feet all the time: they can sit nearby and take a break, even if you want to keep going!

Junior, Medium and large Meywalks have a built in lift action to assist moving between sitting and standing.


Meywalks can be used wherever it is safe to use a wheelchair.

Large wheels, puncture proof tyres and a corrosion resistant frame, make the Meywalk a real outdoor product.

Get in close

You can also use your Meywalk ‘back to front’ if you want to get ‘closer to the action!’ (Anti-tip fittings and brakes on please!). Gradual approach for success.

Options include

  • 70, 90, 105, 120 thoracic rings
  • Height reduction & extension kits
  • Drag brakes; non reverse brakes
  • Abductors; foot protection rails
  • Hip stabilisers
  • Anti-tip fittings

Meywalk 2000


"Playground Cred" and rugged build - goes anywhere a wheelchair can.


A smaller version of the Meywalk, the miniwalk is the walker with "Playground Cred!" Similar easy access and sprung suspension, same rust free finish as the Meywalk for use anywhere. Compact design for easy transport.